Gold is going to rise in the next

4 to 5 years by at least 2 to 3 times the value that is what there prodicting

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Hi Leslie,
While that is possible do you have any references to that prediction you can direct readers to? It would be handy to see who is making that call and the technical analysis that supports that view. Cheers

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This came up on Google at

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There is another worldwide Depression about to happen, caused by the “everything” Bubble of grossly overvalued Stock Markets, Bonds, Property, and Corporate, Govt and Private Debt levels.
Just go to Youtube, search for world debt/financial meltdown/gold and silver investment/falling property market/stock market bubble, etc etc, and watch the videos.
Gold and Silver are about to skyrocket in value, as all the other assets lose their values.
Worse than in the 1920’s Worldwide Depression.
This site will have a massive explosion in new members, as another Gold Rush starts.
Watch this space, and checkout’s YouTube Channel for all the data.
And good fortunes to everyone…

2 to 3 times by February 2020, when the $USD is formally dropped as the world’s trading Currency
( following the EU and IMF Financial Transactions Accounts Accord Audit ) and then the sky’s the limit.
Above ground Silver will sell out very quickly, $USD per oz has already moved from $12 up to $18 in last
3 months. Gold to Silver ratio is 1/88 and should be 1/12, so work that out.
Another WORLDWIDE Gold Rush is about to happen.
Checkout YouTube/world debt/financial recession/gold silver investment/property investment bubble, etc
And for accurate data, view’s/Morgan Report YouTube Channel.

The same stuff gets thrown around every year, doom n gloom and gold and silver guna go through the roof… never happens, And if its the result of a financial collapse I dont think many average joe gold hobbyists will care their 1.8oz of panned gold doubled in price when their house just lost 50% equity and their employer went bankrupt.

unless youre sitting on several kg minimum it dosent matter what the price does


Most reputable economists dont use Youtube as a source of information. Anyone could post information on there with whatever claims you want. Doesn’t make it true

History tells us if gold does skyrocket in price there will be other more pressing economic issues at hand that will cancel out any benefit you have gained by your increase in gold.


I never listen to so called “reputable economists” opinions on any financial situation, simply because they have all been trained, and operate as Financial Advisors to the very people that promote fiat currency.
Former US President Nixon removed the world’s Trading Currency ($USD) from being Gold Reserve backed ( google the Bretton Woods Standard ) on their advice, and the world’s Financial Debt Bubble started. The information I, and many others who have been involved in Commodity Trading for quite some time use, is actual cold, hard, factual data.
And that data is being regularly made available on the YouTube Channels for all to see for themselves.
The YouTube Channels I view provide verifiable information collected from actual historical financial transactions made, world-wide.
For example, 64 MILLION empty new apartments in China, empty simply because people cannot afford to take on debt required to live in them.
And it was the “reputable economists” that the Chinese Leaders listened to, that caused it.
Youtube has plenty of back-patting, namby-pamby know-it-all’s, but facts are facts.
History always repeats itself, and the $USD is about to totally crash, just as other fiat currencies have folded and burnt due to manipulation.
And that has happened to fiat currency over 2,500 times in the last 2,000 years.
Check the facts, they are all there.

“This site will have a massive explosion in new members,”
Are you the fore-runner?, 1ozaday.
You have landed with quite a splash…care to introduce yourself?

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even last recession gold was guna hit 5k oz and didnt even get to half that!!!
No point speculating as whatever happens will happen and dont be the clown with all your eggs in 1 basket.

if youre that confident in your prediction then wtf you waiting for gear up a million or 2 in gold youre fucking rich mate writings on the wall…

The present day World Financial Asset totals are reported by the Fed as being Gold, 7.7 T, Stocks 73 T, Fiat 90.4 T, Property 217 T, ETF’s 544 T, and Debt 215 T.
That adds up to 1.14 Quadrillion (USD) Take out the Gold Assets of which 90% is held by Russia and China, and the rest is Debt. All the world Govt. Financial efforts to ward off another worldwide Depression continues to be QE, which has only created more debt, hence these latest data confirm. And the switch back to physical ownership of Gold/Silver/Industrial Metals as assets started 8 months ago when Russia/China suddenly increased their Quarterly Purchases by very high rates ( see Fed based Graphs ) And with Russia/China having already dropped the USD as the Trading Currency between them, (along with using a seperate Petro Dollar for oil) the massive Debt bubble caused by a grossly overvalued USD is set to implode again like in 1926. Stocks will go first (overnight) as the whales bail out, then ETF's and Property Assets. The current recession in world GDP is the first indicator, then the slide down of Property accelerates. Look at what happened to Greece. The IMF used all it's available funds to bail them out, and have nothing tangible left. (QE just creates more debt, and ends up with hyper-inflation.) The Bretton Woods Standard was the only rule that gave fiat currency any value, as it compelled a value which was backed by gold.
And where are the Govts, Financials, and Investment Groups going to go ?
Back to Gold/Silver etc, like they were pre-Nixon’s gold backed standard removal.
Billion $ Hedge Fund Managers are now confirming their switch back, and getting out of the debt soaked Bubble asap.
Silver mines that were mothballed, are now frantically reopening, ( 18 months before below ground reserves are actually processed and made available ) and present above ground supplys are fast running out. The Royal Australian Mint advised me that they were unable to take anymore 1kg Silver Bar orders until further notice, and I have Clients now on a waiting list for them.
I have provided a site that sells Gold and Silver worldwide (145 Countries ) where anyone who is interested can go to, and check the multitude of data (for free) that they have made available.
It is all factual, and can be checked very easily. The next Goldrush has already begun, worldwide.
Here in NZ, very soon people will want to go and pan, sluice, suction dredge and dig it up where-ever they can. Metal Detectors will be snapped up, just like they are by the estimated 3,000 odd “miners” that have arrived in Kalgoolie in the last 6 months.
It will start very quickly in NZ, as well.
And yes, this site will have a massive explosion in new members wanting information, and equipment.
Same as other on-line Rock & Mineral Groups overseas.
I don’t do predictions, only speculate as a Day Trader for profit, never put my investment “eggs” in one holding, and yes, confident that the ordinary person who uses the brains that God gave him, will not find himself broke, and left behind.
But then again, God also gave us the freedom to make our own decisions too, did’nt he ?
Are you in, or out ?

Yes your onto it reports I get from the mines world wide show the same thing at some point it will bubble human nature

I don’t think is worth listening to. They have a vested interest in promoting precious metals for sale to the punters.

Re the gold standard:
Money doesn’t needed to be ‘backed’ by a dusty vault of gold. Money is simply a way to store and transfer wealth from person to person. Its a way to keep debits and credits of other people’s time.

Historically gold has been accepted as money because it can’t be forged, a rogue government can’t print a heap of it and cause hyperinflation.

Nowadays there is bitcoin which sort of achieves the same objective as gold used to, being both decentralised and not susceptible to inflation.

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I don’t disagree with you, and can sense your passion.Knowledge, in it’s many forms, gives us the freedom and belief to make our own decisions.
I must assume your last was a rhetorical question.

Assume whatever you want to, if you assume things. Your choice.

Does gold know to rise? Dont think it does its heading the other way lol.

any rise for us in nz will be due to this piece of shite govt weakening the nzd through dumarse policy not gold price.