Gold inside papa rocks?

Hi guys. I’ve had my Gold Monster for about three months. In the last few days I’ve been in a public fosicking area. I ran the detector over what I thought was bedrock to see if there was anything in a visible crevice. I got a hit and when I started scraping I found that the ‘rock’ was papa. I started digging into the papa with an entrencing tool and got down the length of the shovel (over a foot. whatever set the detector off is still in the rock. See pic.

My questions: can gold get deep inside papa bedrock?
Should I keep digging? I would have thought I’ve gone deeper already than the detector can detect…I have a video of the detector, set on gold mode, clearly showing all bars to the right when passed over the hole in any direction but I can seem to upload it. Note - the hole is all my doing - it was a flat surface when I started.
Any help would be appreciated.

Try checking the sides of the hole with a pin pointer and you will probably find whatever it is.


The papa itself might be setting off the detector. With VLF detectors, and indeed occasionally with PI detectors too, you’ll sometimes come across mineralised rock / ground that sets it off.

What gavin said is quite likely. did the signal get louder as you got deeper?

I dont know if the signal gets louder yet - the hole i dug was only as wide as the shovel and I can’t get the detector down into it. I’m heading back there this weekend and I’m taking the five inch coil - I hope to widen the hole and see.
Also the sound is very specific to a single spot and the rest of the large rock doesn’t set it off. Looking forward to finding out what it is…