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Gold in them there hills - North Island


First place i ever panned gold as well back in 1997


Quite ironic this was posted today…
Plenty of gold left in these hills for sure!!
Just last night on the news…
So much for the so called government keeping their word against no mining any more areas apart from waihi!! Next joke.
Oceania has just purchased a private mine in Broken Hills. Wentworth. Maratoto.etc.
They didn’t tell ya that :joy::joy:
Coromandel is one huge pocket of bedrock.
The gold in these hills and what is below would be worth Trillions!!
Oceania will get it too.

As for a gold panning experience…
If I was paying money for this…
Give me somebody genuine…who doesn’t throw flakes of gold in a pan already full of gravel…

Still very nice pieces in the creeks.:call_me_hand: