Gold in Auckland

So does anyone else research the archived papers? There’s heaps of interesting information.
These articles relate to 1885 when gold was found at Kauri Point and Whau river near Auckland.

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If it was 100 ounces to the ton then rest assured that there would be one huge, colossal hole where Kauri Point is! The concentrates might have been one hundred ounces to the ton but the actual black sand would be negligible…VERY MISLEADING…It would be interesting to visit though to see if a few colours could be found.

Interesting though…Is that near Laingholm?

I would think so, but it would need some more research to try and figure out exactly where he was prospecting in that area.

Actually it says opposite Kauri Point, so it would be the Te Atatu Peninsula where the brick and tile factory was originally located I think.

That Kauri Point is at Birkenhead near where I stay in Auckland…in fact I know the area very well indeed…must go have looksee but I think I am more likely to find KFC remains, false teeth, chocolate wrappers, used condoms and bust glass…but no harm in looking and depending on what I see also perving!

Lol, ok but you should go to Te Atatu Peninsula, that seems to be where he was prospecting.
There’s old photo’s of the brick & tile factory site online:

Clarion Place in Glendene is on top of one of the B&T clay quarries if that’s any help.

I just moved away from Te Atatu Peninsular. It’s mostly a giant ancient sand bar.
There is a small volcanic base which is several hundred meters underground. which has a high Ferrous content - however this is mostly only exposed on the west coast.

There is an ancient volcanic spring system in that general vicinity, I’m keeping the location a secret until I’ve tested my samples.

There are a couple of other Auckland locations that I recently did a spontaneous two day tiki tour to hunt for gold - but without my notes, ended up a little off from my targets.
I’ve a suspicion that a few hard rock mining companies are making some $$$$ from processing rock dust.

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