Gold Hunt Central Otago

Hey :slight_smile: is there someone want to Go for a Hunt for Gold Tomorrow around Alexandra or Roxburgh? PM If someone want to Join! Good Luck everyone and be Safe out there! :wink:

Hey I’m staying in Lawrence for a while going to start exploring when I get time with my detector gpx4500 with small coil if ya know of any secret spots I’m keen for an adventure

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Hey yeah Sounds good to me …i might Go in sunday for a Hunt near Alexandra :wink: …or next Weekend maybe Up to you… ?

Sounds good. I have a few days work the next 3 days I think and if it starts to rain I guess I’ll have this weekend to go on adventure? PM me your number

I’ve a couple of areas that way I am heading to this weekend if you want to have a look? I’ve got a new detector and coil to try out.