Gold Fossicking fun

Hi there, James here. I’m very new to this game and don’t get a lot of time off but just love to find a little colour and I’m not out to get rich from it, just out to have some fun. I’m a sheep and beef farmer from North Canterbury. Every year all my life I’ve been coming to Wanaka for our family holidays and would love it if someone could point me in the right direction or let me on their claim just for a day maybe two some time between 8th of Feb and 20th Feb. I’m happy to supply a leg of lamb or bring the beers or swap for some great trout and salmon fishing on the back of our farm. I only have a pan and an easy sluice. I won’t be with anyone else unless my wife and two little kids want to come for a picnic. I won’t tell anyone of the area. I Happy to travel to the Queenstown, arrowtown, macetown area, or up in the hills somewhere. Cheers Jimmy.

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Hi Jimmy, there’s quite a few public fossicking areas you can hit in that neck of the wood where you’ll definitely get some colour…

Best of luck out there! :slight_smile:

You bring the beers, I’ll show you around Queenstown, you’ll be amazed where you can find it.

Thank you Gavin, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi sounds great thanks Gavzilla what do you drink?

Anything wet mate, give me some notice when your coming

Ok, will do. I’ll be down there for two weeks from the 8th of Feb but I’ll be in touch when I get down there and we can set a day or what ever suits you aside and we can hatch a plan.
Cheers Jimmy :slight_smile:

Gidday jimmy
On your way down, I have a claim in the Lindus, have a picnic by the old hotel / doc camp. Have some fun easy access. Hand tools only. Just message me where and what you find .
I’ll probably be somewhere on the claim at that time would be great to catch up, keep an eye out for a moterhome called “Hamhilton”.


Thank you very much jollyr that’s much appreciated. I’ll be back down next year in February some time and I’ll keep in touch, it would be great to catch up.
Cheers Jimmy.

Love meeting people who have the same affliction / fever. Look forward to catching up.