Gold Depth is always relative to Ground Noise

By Jonathan Porter: How much deeper does the new Minelab detector go compared to the previous model?

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Interesting read there must be some correlation between power that the detector can put into the ground tho as well as ground noise .tests I’ve done on my modded 4500 against standed 4500 and a standard 5000 blows them out of the water in both sensitivity and in depth But I can defanitly see how large targets can be masked works same i guess as hot ground killing a vlf tho pis handle it a lot better it still affects depth due to having to run lower senitivitys to get a calm detector… I’m sure they have the technology to make a detector that will go super deep and find all but everything I mean in 1970s goldstrum made the gold spear and that only sounds when it comes in contact with gold nothing else so surely by now they have simalar moden technology but wouldn’t be in there interests to make it. if they made a detector that could go find all the gold at stupid depths then that would kill off the customers Beter for them to release new slightly Beter detectors every couple years to keep the guys coming back to keep chasing the gold the detector before couldn’t get kinda genius really

Interesting, very interesting

An interesting read and now makes me more curious than ever!