Gold Dealers Wanted


I’m seeking Gold dealers from the South island, west cost, chc. Nelson.
No Franchise pawnshops please, No drug dealers, No currency for gold " money laundry" no bitcoin for gold.
Must be at least NZ pr.
just traditional gold dealers or jewelers with excellent business ethics.
If you are genuinely keen, Gold ATM is expanding, we have just opened West City shopping mall Henderson.
We are looking into South Island and Coromandel pns.

You must be already licensed to buy gold.
Kindly email T Jordan ,

Do you buy gold nuggets? Flakes, vials filled with gold powder?

As Long As Its Gold we will buy it.
gold nuggets? YES
Flakes? YES
gold powder? YES
At Your Service, Just let us know what do you want? YES we will pay You
100% of Your Gold Value. i.e. if Your Nuggets are 97% purity and gold spot
rate today is 60$/g

You will Get 60.97 = 58$/g while if your flakes are 92% then its
60**.92= 55$/g. *

Feel free to email us att: T Jordan
or Lisa Cunningham

I’ve looked over your website, it needs a little polish here and there. (eg “most trusted gold buyer in the world” appear to be solely nz based)

But as far as your ATM goes it looks like quite a good system.

Many Thanks for the feedback.
Some work is coming soon.
It is international, we are already in mire than 10 countries doing different operations.
I only own NZ, Oz and a share in USA.
Research takes time. We just had a failure in one of our ultra sound testers…
The new design might show the XRF testing to the public.

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