Gold cube with trommel

Hi , Just curious if anyone has used the Gold Cube with the Trommel attachment , the trommel screens gravel down to 4.5mm , I get a bit lazy after a days dredging and cant be bothered screening everything down at the river , thought it could be good for dredge concentrates , anyone using one ?

I have one and I love it!

How do you find the 4.5mm material vs fine gold ? thats about my only reservation , usually i screen my concentrate a couple of times & run them separately but its a slow process , if im lucky i can con the kids into helping now & again to speed things up but that usually doesn’t last long so im trying to cheat a little by running everything together , how long does a car battery last ?
Thanks for the reply .

It catches the fine gold fine. Just shovel the gravel in and it does the rest. I wash the larger rocks by hand in the hopper just to help it along. I then wash the trays out into a large plastic bin using the same water hose by removing it from the trommel set up and washing the trays then I pan the concentrates from there. I have used this set up in the creek and also by pumping out of a 1000L tank that is continually being topped up. I have also used a recycle system but unless you can keep the water clean such as no clay then it will block up the water jets. I run 2 x 20 ah sealed batteries. One for the pump and one for the trommel. The batteries have always out lasted my time on a shovel! I do have small solar panels that trickle charge if I want and I take a small Honda generator with charger with me when I’m staying for a few days.

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Where about’s are you? If you are Marlborough way I am happy to show you it working!

Thought there must be one or two around , Iv ordered one from Danny sounds like hes sold a few mine wont arrive till the end of the month , Thanks for the offer but its a bit far for me to travel as im based in southland . Cheers.

Dan is good value! You wont be disappointed with it. Cheers