Gold claims.for sale or lease?

Hi guys. I’m moving back south from the Coromandel before Xmas.
I am interested in buying or leasing a claim.
Maybe someone has something that they cannot get to as much as they like.?
Definitely interested in anything already with a dredging permit.
I would be Keene to hear from you.


Hi Doon
There is a claim for sale in central otago. The owner mentioned it the other day but arnt 100% sure. Could get his details to ring if youre intetested.


Hi mate. Many thanks for that.!
We are not too sure about going that far down at this stage.
But if it has a dredge permit. Possibly looking at living on site?
I have a 10.3 metre self contained motorhome.
And resource consent in place I would definitely be interested in looking it over indeed.

Hey mate ive got 2 claims im.looking at selling a share or leasing based in Otago.

Im probably the guy Mangrove is referring to above.

PM me on here and we can talk


Hi Doon have a claim on buller river pm me for more info Don


Where abouts mangrove?

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Hi gav. On the cardrona. It only has consent for a 5inch. I helped the owner with obtaining resource consent. They said recently they are looking to sell- not sure if thats with gear or not. It needs a bigger dredge say a 6 or even better an 8 and the lower reach of the permit is bloody good. If anyone wants to chat to the pernit owner i can srnd them hos details.

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Oh nice, bit to full on for me. Just looking for a side creek to play with the 4” thanks.

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Hi Mangrove. How deep would that ground be & did the digger & screen operation back in the 1990’s go that far down the Cardrona? Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey JW. I havnt dredged it so only have secondhand info. Theres a reach that wasnt mined and good gold has been dredged from it. I dont know the depth but seen pictures. It has someone on this forum who has mined it i recall too.

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Hey JW
The lower part of the Cardrona has pretty deep ground. When they put the excavator through in one spot they were down over 30 feet and didn’t hit the bottom. That was I recall not far from the pub. A lot of gold was taken out in some spots.

The cardrona is quite patchy and was hit pretty hard during the dredging boom in the 80s and 90s and its access was and is still great. I remember seeing dredges in there as a kid in the 80s and 90s all above the township. Ive seen some of the gold that has come out and its very nice looking gold with some decent sized bits. There will still be bits in there that were missed that could be good.

Ill send ya a PM as ive got a spot you might be interested in from a person you and I knew well


Hey Pritch…I am Central Lakes Otago based…any of those claims still up for grabs?


Hey mate - yeah ive got a claim on the Shotover for sale…
Ive PM you with a bit more details

Hi all,
What is the deal now with claims? You have to have your permit AND a resource consent now? Or is it only if you are using machinery over a certain size that requires the RC?
Are the RC’s proving hard to get? Timeline on average?

HI Doon,

I have a small claim in the Wakamarina valley. Doesn’t have a Resource consent but am willing to talk about it. Send me you number or email.



Anybody know how hard it is to get a small scale claim/permit/RC with just a small digger, a crusher, shaker tables etc, like this?

Just not sure where the line is on how big you can go with machinery before you need a full on “big boy” mining permit.

I guess with dredges anything over six inch is harder to obtain a permit?

But what about with other types of equipment (diggers, crushers, etc)?
Anybody know the size restrictions here? Before you go from recreational to commercial/industrial grade permits?

I’d like to start small then work my way up to “big boy” level.

Hope that makes sense?
Hopefully some of you here with some experience can help?


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black sand claim easy enough , way bigger headache for a digger anywhere near a river

Do the black sand claims pay out ok?

some guys do well, im not the person to ask my claims are dredging claims . A mate had a black sand claim and after a period of very rough seas depositing black sand where he could process it easy , he told me he got more gold in 3 weeks , than he had recovered in 7 years … its something that would apeal to me when im older

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Thanks for the feedback.

So diggers and small scale plant are really for areas away from rivers in terms of getting a permit?

Doesn’t matter the size of digger/plant etc?

Say if away from a river how big can you go with digger/plant before you venture outside of recreational to a full scale mine in govt’s eyes?

Are there different tiers in between in terms of the mining permits?