Gold claim for sale, and 6inch dredge

Hi fellow miners, I’m new to paydirt but would first like to say hello to you all.
My name is Mark Shaw and I’m from south Westland on the west coast. I currently own a dredging claim on the Perth river in the whataroa valley. I have mined this place on and off alot of my life, as it is alluvial gold and generally restocks after modest floods and guaranteed big floods. There is 53hectares of mining ground on riverbed and flats. I have alot of info and knowlegde of the area im willing to share to the lucky buyer. Reasons for selling is of personal matters, if anyone is to show great interest we can possibly make arrangements to look and prospect areas of the claim. It is in remote location which is a 2hour walk or 4mintue chopper flight from heli company just down valley from the claim. I am also selling my 6inch dredge and complete diving kit, at this stage it can be a package or may look at selling individually. Thanks


How much…you looking for it? How much with dredge and how much without?

Hi there, what type of dredge is it? And what is the character of the gold in the Perth River?

Hi Graham

For dredge and claim would do it for $15000, and claim only $8000. My cellphone number is 0220805437 but alot of the time I am not in signal. If you interested will organize a time to talk. Regards Mark

Hi mark can you call me on 02102922115 am super interested in your claim I ran a 6" for a couple of years down Nelson way a while back and planning to do so again this summer this is a golden opportunity
for me to run my own claim pun intended ha ha:sunglasses: thanks, Dave.

Hello Dave

Sorry I live in bruce bay and only have signal every now and then. I have Wi-Fi most days but can make a time some stage soon to talk if you are still interested

Yeah man no problem keen as to do a deal

Hello again everyone, sorry I have been without internet for quiet sometime. Have a phone up and running now. Dredge is in the process of being sold. But claim is still for sale at the price of $8000

Hey Mark, is the claim in a conservation area? and does it have all relevant access aggreements and consent in place?

Hello Dave

Yes the claim is on doc land,i have an agreement for up to a 6 inch dredge and 11hp engine, and sluicing. Also have with doc an AEO (authorisation to enter and operate) for the duration of the claim. And I believe as per usual with doc you need to annual review the following seasons plans and possible land impact that it may have. Which Is nothing that the river doesn’t repair and replace after even a modest flood. Regards Mark

Hi. Is the dredge still available.