Gold Bug 2 and AtGold for sale

Hey guys and girls.

I am looking to sell my 2 detectors as I dont use them. I bought the AT Gold new and have used it a little bit. Mostly for coins. I know, I know. It comes with a dvd and manuals. No box.
The Gold Bug was bought second hand and to be honest. I haven’t used it more then once.
I have a dredging claim and find more dredging then detecting. And I am lazy, and detecting is a lot of walkìng. Haha

If someone is interested send me a message. I am looking to get $800 each. I am also on my way north from Invercargill to Kaitaia. So if your on the way we can meet up. No time wasters please. I am already doing a tiki tour and dont need the extra driving for nothing.

What!!.. your tinder hook up 257km’s away in Invercagil…better check her profile picture is legit bro…lol…long way to go for a whale stranding?…


Lol mal opening ya mate secrets hahaha you should show him the ones on ya end save the man a long trip


Well the detectors are only finding the gold diggers. And not the useful ones. So gonna trade these in for… a BJ is every village on the west coast. No teeth either. Better then the girls you 2 have shown me.
And the money i save going up the west coast I can buy a new suction hose for next year. Or maybe just some more hoes. Either way they don’t get used. So selling them to someone else who can love them. And not in the way you 2 guys love your gold. You dirty perverts. Hahahaha