Gold Buddy Clean Up Sluice

Went down the you tube rabbit hole and got this clean up Sluice by Dream Mat. Kinda under whelmed to be honest. The black pan is what it missed.

Am I using it wrong, the first run was worse? Think I could do better with the old pan and magnet.


I think it would be fair to say most clean up methods will lose some percentage of gold. The amount of gold in the pan might be a very small percentage loss or a large percentage of total gold recovered. I’ve done a fair number of clean ups of similar looking gold and black sand. We’ve Kind of developed a system to get reasonable recovery but we definitely still lose some gold. Also it’s a balancing act between time spent doing the clean up, losing a little bit of gold and money spent on clean up equipment.

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Fair points, going to give it a fair go going forward, perhaps a bit early to judge. Will report back.

It’s not actually flower gold it’s missing is it. Bit of a worry I reckon. I guess it also depends on the quantity of material, concentrates, you put through it & how classified the cons were.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Try truning down the water speed, your getting gold right at the bottom of the mat ideally most of the gold should stay in the top half. Maybe feeding it to fast also

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We have a similiar sluice. Our is called a gold rat I think. Is that a fitting you have for washing the gold available separately? Going to try to use it to cleanup too. Don’t think its the best for high concentrations of black sand tho.

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