Gold Books NZ , AU, US

Anyone interested in any of these books before I list on Trade Me?
Couple of Australian Books,River of Gold and Journal of Australian mining history.
Gold Rush Women, Yukon & Klondike
Brown leather “look” is About the Forty Miners
By Time life.
The rest NZ
Happy to take resonabel offers…
Cheers Henry…

Hi mate, what do you want for the gold mining in nz book?

River of gold is a great read. The miners had it tough going in nz but nothing like the daily battle against the nature and the natives that the palmer river had in store. The Chinese in particular. Got hung by their pony tails from the trees. Limbs eaten as needed. Gruesome stuff but a very well written description of goldfields life unique to that harsh landscape.

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Hi Mathias, I was hoping to get 50 to recover a bit from what I paid…