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Gold Books for sale

Seems alright in principle…

Sounds like we may have an auction on our hands…

Hi Mangrove. Found the two books in a banana box buried in the back of my storage container so here are the photos. I have done them in the same layout as Henry did them :slightly_smiling_face: If you left click on the photos they will come up bigger.

Just like Henry’s, the Hearts of Gold book is signed by the Author.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Gidday Kiwijw,
Fabulous collection! What were you wanting for them?

i have brought a lot of gold related books off a trademe seller called goodartshop. most about otago area and i have quite a few from them that are listed on this thread. they are sold by a museum but i cant think of which one. cromwell maybe

There are some good books at Haywards auction in Dunedin tomorrow. The auction is online and closes at 6.00pm tommorrow.
Noted Lot 369 includes - East of the Rock and Pillar plus Golden Days of Lake County in one box, Lot 366 includes - Old Coaching Days of Otago and Southland in another, Lot 323 includes - Gold Trails of Otago, The Story of Otago,Hammer and Tap, Costly Gold, The Old Identities (VERY OLD and valuable BUT scummy condition) History of North Otago in another box, Lots 193 includes - Guide to the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail (good wee book as new) in another box.

If anyone is interested then go to Haywards site and register - takes five minutes. I did BUT probably wont bid as I dont want to buy boxes of books in order to get the ones l want.

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Thanks Mangrove. PM sent :slightly_smiling_face:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi Graeme, Do you have to buy the whole box lot? Thats a bugger. I have all those books that you mentioned. If any one wants those I may be interested in parting with some of them, but not all. Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes you have to buy the entire box. I am after the Johnny Jones one, the Coaching Days of Otago and Southland as it is in excellent order and better than the one I currently have, The Great Coloniser by Thomas Burns, Waipahi and also others in that box, Hammer and Tap, The Stars of Orion and some more in that box - but I have enough mess around here without buying complete boxes. The Guide to the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail is unusual in that I dont think I have seen it and I did think I had seen them all! Its a good book.

Isn’t that Johnny Jones book on the old Whaling days, or he was involved in whaling.? I know what you mean about having enough mess about. :grin:

I think the Johnny Jones book is about his life but will include his whaling days - it seems a good book but bugger buying the box. Whaling interests me as I have an ancestor who was a whaler and another who was a whaling Captain though in the Arctic Ocean. Shipping books also interest me as both my wife and my side of the family owned ships in Colonial NZ

I have a few whaling books. I came across some of them when I was ratting through the banana boxes in my storage container looking for those last couple of books so I could put up those photos of my books. Funny enough there were two of the same whaling books that finished tonight on trademe.

I may even have that Johnny Jones book, hence knowing about it.
I don’t know why but I just have a fascination about the very early times in NZ & our coastal waters. Including the sealing & whaling days. The Kauri logging & then of course the gold rushes & early colonial settlement.

I like that first edition. I bought History of New Zealand vol 1 and 2 by Robert McNab a few weeks ago. Have you ever read his history? - he was one amazing guy.
He was a crack rifle shot and I have his .450/577 martini Henry here. He won a lot of trophies with it.

The whaling book may mention my Great great grandfather in it - James Saunders Loder otherwise known as Jimmy the Needle. He was down that way on a ship called the Elizabeth and Mary I think.

I have a big thick book here somewhere on the Kauri and logging. Must look it out.

I am going to have to re read it now. Just pulled these out from my book case. The World Of John Boultbee is about his sealing days in the early 1800’s

Another good read is Port Preservation

Gezzzz…I need to get off to bed… :yawning_face: :sleeping: You kept me up you bugger. :slight_smile:

I have the Port Preservation books by both the Beggs and also Watts. They are both great books. I went to Kopu the other day with the idea in mind of buying a Trademe boat to go around to the sounds but…when they said it wasnt seaworthy they sure in hell meant it.
I have the Boultbee book to…some where.
Yes bed time for growing boys. Must head off that way myself.

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Hey mate just sent you a PM