Gold Bar for sale

Hi Guys;

I just Got a 200g Gold Bar .999 purity certified. also Xray Tested and ultrasound tested.
asking price 61$ a gram.
that’s 12200$
If any one is keen please write directly to me on

I gather you also make listings on ebay, trademe?

I guess it depends if he wants to pay commission to ebay / trade me.

Would inspire confidence to see actual gold bar on scales.

Well larger market - easier to make a speedy sale.
May also appeal to buyers - as there is some protections.
So guess you pay a bit more for that.

$61/gram is a little high,

Not really for certified bars 999.
Normally they would sell at spot plus 6%.

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What is Perth mint price for an equivalent amount today - or shall we put it this way - what is Perth Mints selling price per gram for a 1kg bar? Care to tell us?
You are right however that they do sell for 6% over spot price - I know as I buy silver from Regal Castings and NZ Mint and the former is the better bet so to be fair your price is about right compared with their price today for an equivalent amount of gold…

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As i’m writing to you now:
+0.90% thats the spot rate per gram.

so 59.30 * 200= 11860 NZD.
do you think i’m asking too high?
You add 3% or so and you will get my asking a price.
if you are buying frequently you are better off buying from john or tony at
Gold Merchants refinery, they have the lowest rate at 3.5% they use
Swiss bars… i think they are the agent for pamp.
if you are very keen and welling to invest 50kgs and above then i can get
them for you directly from the commodities market at 10USD an OZ, thats the
lowest you can get.
its beer clock…