Gold auction, I have some doubts about

I saw this listing you may be interested in: scrap gold nugget Trade Me


yes i do not think i would be biding on it to big a ??? mark for me.

You’ve only got to read his answers to the questions and that answers how dodgy he is

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Those answers to the questions are amazing! So so dodgy!

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Must be legit, it’s yellow… ha!

Spotted this con straight away. Its like a robot is answering the questions…

oh no did you see someone bought it ?

Wed, 5 Apr


ofa24 (338)

10:26 pm



09:33 am


mike24710 (12)

09:33 am


[mike24710 (12)

09:32 am


[rangi1233 (6)](
09:32 am


[mike24710 (12)


[rangi1233 (6)](Trade Me

how dumb can people be , they forgot to look at his feedback . dodgy AAA+

what a Bargen !!!..