Gold at Doctors Rocks, Tasmania

Hi there,
Just back from an adventure in Tassie.

Who doesn’t go on holiday with a 5mm Al. sieve and a pan? We didn’t specifically go for the gold but fossicking for Killiecrankie diamonds [Topaz] on Flinders Island. [another story, if anyone is interested]

We chanced on Doctors Rocks Google Maps

East of Fossil Point, Wynyard. We stopped at a roadside information board thinking it would tell us about the fossils. Imagine my excitement when it detailed the location of gold in the rock pools below believed to come from an offshore reef.

You couldn’t stop me, sliding down the bank, over the railway line and out to the rockpools. There were 2 older men out in the middle of the bay with shovels, sieves and pans - and bottles of beer keeping cool in a rock pool. They willingly showed me the finds of their labour.

They were much less happy when I started scooping out sand with my bare hands- evidently Blue Ringed octopus lurk beneath the rocks. I didn’t die, and was content after my first find of small flake.

See the following chat for others experiences



Awesome, would love to hear the Flinders Island story too.