Gold and silver from the beach

gday,great hunt for the last of the bigger tides,had a one good target hunt but in the scoop was the tangled mess of maybe four different silver items plus a tiny gold chain,after clean up pieced together a beaut silver bracelet and neck chain.also picked up a live round nothing left on the headstamp has a big projectile anybody got any info on it i would like to know roughly the date on it.good luck


Without any scale, I’d guess .303

Lammerlaw’s the man…

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Could possibly be a looking at the size. Only a guess mind you. Is there anything on written on the bottom ?
Some more really nice finds there Roy. What do you do to clean them up with ?
Keep on swingin !!

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gday clarky. when the silver is so tarnished its difficult to remove,unlike coins where scratches count jewelry is not so visable so after a sonic clean they come out of that almost a light gray colour,but like silver coins soaking in anything will not bring out the shine.what i do is use a brass wire wheel on the dremal it works a treat,without any scratches to the naked eye,then its on a polishing wheel with silvo.intresting is that bracelet is marked 835 a belgium or german standard never seen it before.