Going stir crazy

Had to avoid going crazy went for a detect at a local beach.a few sinkers a small cross and a horse and jockey silver ring been there a while.nothing much but at least a post.more sanctions coming in tonight hope to be able to get out again a bit of sand movement stay safe

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there is always someone who breaks the rules
of course you walked

Of course all though we can still drive heŕe for exersise

from what I interoperate its car out only for food or meds.
im lucky because the beach is 300m , charming creek walkway is 500m , and the bush is only 100m
but town is 32km
there are so may people flouting the rules . the roads busy up round here after dark. give the right knock on the door at the pub and it will open. people popping in and out to visit each other. might as well go and do our own thing as well. at least we are not in contact.

Are you forgetting iam in oz stuck here

bugger stuck in the land of big nuggets. stay safe .