God of Neptune found on beach?

Having a bit of a swing today on a beach and found this? Anyone know what it is?

Look like the end of one of those fire prodding sticks you use to tend to open fires, we have one at our place on the Coast that looks just like that we use to tend to the fire.

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See what you mean, hmmmmmm… interesting, def ornamental! The trident on mine is very smooth but has some weight.

Persian arrow head… kiss that goodby😎

Sorry, what do you mean kiss that goodbye?

Found it! It’s a Trishul!

What material is the shaft ?

I am not sure, but it has some weight, and under the microscope you can see shiney gold colour under the fading?

Metal shaft that corrodes to white. I wonder if it is leaded brass or leaded gunmetal ( an easily machined casting bronze for making canons ) Somebody here has to know what type of metal can take on that colouration.

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I’m thinking curtain rod finial or similar.

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Likewise, although the ones I remember (its a few decades now) were more open around the tines

Thanks, I am taking it to be checked out to be sure of what it is as under my microscope, looking around the screwed part of the shaft (the shaft screws into the Trident), I can see shiny gold (most likey due to it has been unscrewed quite a few times by me!) and on other parts of the shaft. I think it has been scoured by the sand which explains the dull gold colour. The Trident is def bronze or brass. Will post the results!!


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I will have the woman on the right…you can keep the flounder spear.