GO - FIND competition by dredgenz

Hi all, here are the details for the next competition. Some great prizes have been kindly donated by Daniel from Dredgenz www.minelabdetectors.co.nz
1st prize - Minelab Go-Find 20
2nd prize - Danidor gold pan beginners set
3rd prize - Danidor gold pan
As per Daniels wishes the competition is open to all NZ and Australian members and prizes will be delivered to your door or alternatively can be picked up from his premises, and will run for all of January and February 2017.

The theme will be BEST METAL DETECTING STORY, anything goes and you don’t even have to own a machine but your story must be based on the above and be in your own words…some nice pictures may help also.

At the end of the competition the THREE stories with the most likes :heart: Will be put forward into a poll for the members to then vote on there preference in turn 1st, 2nd and third prize winners will be decided on.

If there is a tie in likes I will randomly draw.
If there is a lot of support and heaps of stories I may set up 2 x polls (6 stories in total) but we will have to see how it goes. Yes I know two months is quite a while but done so for reasonable exposure.

NOTE regarding the likes❤️ You may wish to hold off a bit before liking in case you believe a better story has just been submitted although I guess you could unlike a story if a better one comes along.

ALL STORIES to be submitted on this thread.
Good luck to all and don’t forget about the final stages of the current December Weird and Wonderful.

NOTE I did wonder if the polling at the end is necessary… maybe it is just doubling up with already having most likes? What do you think?


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Iggy for organising the competition and to wish everybody all the best for the New Year.

We are looking forward to some interesting yarns.
Have a great New Year’s Eve and happy detecting!


Enjoy! :blush:

Golden Dreams

The coil sweeps through the wet grass, steadily from side to side. Left, right, left, right…
Beep! The machine suddenly makes a noise as the coil crosses over a small patch of grass. I stop and let the coil sweep over the same area once again. Beep, beep! A loud tone rings in my headphones and I can feel how the heart beats faster in my chest. I grab the shovel with my free hand and put it in the ground, eager to find out what secrets lie below.

The ground is soft. The shovel slices through the dirt like a knife slices through a chocolate cake. My mouth starts to water, I realize I have not eaten for hours. But I do not have time for a lunch break, not now anyway. I get down on my knees and reach for the pinpointer in my bag. It beeps two times and vibrates when I press the button, then it gets silent.

I search with the pointer through the hole in order to locate the target. Suddenly it makes a faint beep and starts to vibrate. I move a large rock and the signal gets stronger, the beeps get louder and the pointer vibrates like crazy. I turn it off and begin to dig with my bare hands. Then I get a glimpse of something yellow in the hole. Something golden!

With trembling fingers I remove my gloves and carefully bend forward to pick up what might be the find of my life. My hands are shaking, the whole body is. With a clumsy hand I grasp the soil in which most of the item still is hidden. The soil is dark and cold, and the smell of earth tickles my nose. There are so many thoughts in my head; Is it a ring? A coin? Will I be able to quit my job now? God, that chick on channel 6 is hot…

I open my fist slowly. A sunray hits my palm and makes the mysterious object glitter through the dirt. The shine is so strong that I almost get blinded. I carefully remove the dirt and… All of a sudden the sky turns dark. The item falls to the ground as my hand lets go of it. The disappointment is huge.

“Honey you talked in your sleep, again”. I open my eyes, the bed is soaking wet of my sweat. “I did? Do not worry mother, it was just a nightmare”. She strokes her hand through my hair. “I know honey, but…” She stops and looks at me. “These metal detector dreams have to come to an end. This is the second time this week you dig a hole through your bed…”

The End :joy:


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my story is only short but here goes…around 4 years ago myself and a fellow detectorist were having a swing at a spot that had produced a good amount of old coins etc and has since turned up many relics etc also…Anyway i was wondering around in the bush in a zombie like state dreaming of gold bars etc…as we do lol…i kept on hearing muffled noises through the headphones similar to something moving through the shrubs or something but every time i took of the headphones to check out what it was i couldn’t hear anything…after this happening a half a dozen times or so i decided to head back to the cars to compare finds etc with my mate…All of a sudden the cliff face directly above where i was detecting gave out and a massive slip let go and tumbled directly into the area i had been detecting only 2 minutes earlier…entire trees and massive boulders etc…It was then i realised i had been detecting under a slip and the noises i kept hearing were large boulders and debris falling around me…Close call but at least i managed to escape with a handful of coins etc…and my life lol.cheers.


Great stories, thanks to the both of you for putting pen to paper, it can be a hard topic.

A wee reminder to all - the three (possibly six) stories with the most LIKES will go forward to be voted on in a poll.
Keep em coming


The first thing I thought before detecting here has that bloody mudwiggle been low an slow before. … but no…the 250 in coin mode picked up a few spendies

with the tide going out I ventured out started getting a few silver tones the $5 coins a bonus well low tide remembered Roy’s advice and went for the gold took a while between the 9k to get the first 18k but hey beggers cant be choosers not bad for a 30 minuet hunt went to all metal mode on the way back this find may contain a certain amount of bullshit


Good one Chris
$$(;:($;:$@&)(;::)) need 20 characters

After sitting on my ass for half the weekend watching Detecting vids on YouTube and trying to get inspired I finally decided to get out and try gain a permission. After a few awkward door knocks managed to talk an elderly couple into letting me detect their paddock where what I though an old camp ground use to be. The old guy seemed a bit hesitant but his wife talked him into it after I promised to show and share a few of finds ( if there were any) A good 20 pull tabs in and I’m regretting leaving home already but it seems that every time you’re about to give up the the ground decides to throw you a few decent targets to try lure you back in. The ground plays a cruel game but it works. A nice 1946 penny and a 1933 Threepence. It’s easily enough to keep me going for a while longer. A few more targets in and I pull a small stainless capsule.

I attempt to unscrew it and it gives off an awful shriek that you’d expect to hear in a horror movie as it loosens up and opens for the first time in who knows how many years. Inside it is a small note saying the following. “My name is Jan if you found dead, please deliver me back to the Netherlands” bit of a dodgy note I’m thinking but I just shrug it off and had a laugh. Only 2 metres away though another solid signal. Out comes a belt and buckle so now I’m a little suspicious. Put the spade back in the hole to pull out another scoop to see what’s down further and kill the voice in my head that’s thinking up stories of buried bodies. It’s the one thing we all hope we never find but also maybe secretly have on our bucket lists? ( or maybe that’s just me, a twisted bastard) And there it is the unmistaken sound of bones crunching as I put the pressure on the spade. So now I’m fully panicking and wondering what to do in this situation. Call the police? Investigate further? Or confront the property owners and possibly end up in a hole of my own…


Good one.

A wee reminder the three stories with the most likes :heart: at the end of comp midnight 28th Feb will go into a poll to be voted on.

Lost and Found

a short story by Shane

A long long time ago at a place far far away from where i am now is Kaiapoi Borough Primary School. A large school with a huge grass field in the middle about the size of a footy field.
My years there were good, learnt alot, fought alot, loved alot. We all had to wear shorts back then as longs weren’t aloud, even in the winter when it was freezing - frozen for a better word. But we could wear the odd piece of bling - it was so long ago i’m not sure wether the word bling had even been coined.
Anyhows, i had been gifted a silver bracelet when i was about seven or eight years old, you know the one - thick chain with the flat curved name plate and of coarse your name engraved on it.
I didn’t have it that long when some how it fell off my wrist somewhere out in the wide open spaces of the old school yard, lost forever in the grass.
One thing i remember as a kid is that jewelry items were taken seriously. I can remember me and my brother closely examining items for hallmarks, eye sight was spot on then - no need for a loupe - mostly silver back then as none of us had GOLD.

Moving on - a couple of years later i’m walking along the wide open grassy field at school and out of the corner of my eye i spot a sparkle of something glimmering in the sun. See anything like that when your a kid and curiosity takes over. I bend down to have a look - pick the sparkle up and low and behold what did i find, you guessed it, my silver name tag bracelet, no detector needed here! What a classic, instantly knew it was mine obviously had my name on it. How no-one else found it is anyones guess and how i found it in such a large area is - well - nothing short of pure luck.
So where is the bracelet now ! lost and maybe found again - hopefully by a detectorist - only GOLD knows.




Classic …you have got to be in to win…which you are.

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Thats great Chris, everyone should get one of those hunts.
Pretty sure Roy’s hunts are that way, seems those ozzies simply toss their jewelery into the sea once they’re bored with them.

Metal Detecting Adventure
Um… misadventure?

Accessing 1800’s location by kayak.
Visions of thrupences, sixpences, antique jewelery fill my mind, quickly coming to my senses I remember how I hate metal detecting.

I’ll be catching a lift with the outgoing tide.
It’s tough going, there is a headwind and it’s wipping the water against me.
Around the next river bend I’m hopeful the wind will be at my back.
Aging body seems to be doing okay, my pace is steady. The day is cool, some cloud cover keeps the sun at bay.
I’ve gone a kilometre and still have the headwind. Finally I reach a windless corner of the river, water is calm. Then I run aground, that’ll teach me for cutting the shortest route through the river bends. I manage to get back into the main river flow.
Now I see a few ladys sitting along side the river; its time to take my shirt off. Only it gets stuck to my sweaty back, and I nealy lose my balance. Manage to get it off in time to look embarassed. I pick up the pace to get the hell out of there.

Pretty sure I’m going faster that 5 knots now, I know because I now have a popped blister!
Suns out!
Keep telling my self that my destination is just around the next corner.
Around the next corner is a kilometre long straight!

My back is furiously itchy, the spot is a mole - probably melanoma.
I would love to stop for a bit, however there is no place to hold. Anytime I pause the kayak begins to be pushed back down the river.
I’m cooled off by a strong headwind, the current is now rapidly lapping at the front of the kayak, is the tide actually coming in? I did mess around for ages, starting out five hours later than planned.
Sun has disappeared, behind a storm cloud.
The waves are at least making the kayak feel lighter.
My arms are pretty stuffed at this point, but progress is being made.
Eventually I see a jetty, it’s time for a rest.
My paddle manages to rescue a sinker, my first find of the day, feels a little like theft, but, oh well.

Close to a bend in the river, my vigour renewed by my rest I gun it.
Suddenly I come to an abrupt halt - grounded again!
Well if the tide is coming in, at least it will help me off.
I come to the realisation that I could probably get out and walk up a large portion of the river. And after making it around this bend, I do for a while.
Paddling again, I’m sure that around this bend I’ll finally be there.
It’s not.
Eventually I get close. There is a beach up ahead. It’s close to my target, so I stop for a rest and detect.
Found a rolled up piece of copper wire just out from my parking spot. A careless scan of the beach gives me no other beeps.

Finally I’m here. That tide is coming in. I find a large chunk of iron scrap, then move up to the peninsular, a few tiny sinkers, fish hook, life is great.
Around the peninsular is my best bet. But I want to move my kayak closer. I carry it up to the point, where I can see it.
Now I’m ready, where did I leave the spade? I see it lying in the sand, nearly overwealmed - the tide has decided to rapidly come up over my beach!
Quickly I scan, finding large pieces of heavily corroded iron junk.
Well time to give up.

It appears I could have driven up and walked back along the foresore to my target location - mudwiggle has probably already detected this place to death.

By the time I head back it’s essentially full tide, no help from the tide. But at least its calm and I won’t be running aground.
Getting the kayak out is easier too, but I manage to slice my knuckle on the spade. Really shouldn’t have taken it as I was only digging in sand and rock pools (didn’t have trowel handy) should’ve taken a large dessert spoon.
I’ll try again in three days once my muscles have all ceased up.

Lead, copper, another suckcessful day detecting!


Hi all, thanks to those that took the plunge and entered some great stories.
As of Midnight end of Feb three yarns all with three likes each to go towards voting.
Please all vote below EXCEPT the three candidates for your favourite story.

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Vote tonite everyone.
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:clap::clap::clap:classic campaign your running there Shane.
I like it a lot.

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Thankyou Iggy, hope you voted for me…
I got one vote - better than no vote…
Cheers :beers:

Vote ShadyShane Your Favourite.


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If I could vote I’d definitely throw it your way. You’ve got me convinced :joy: Also had me wondering how you got my name, thought you truly were pulling some shady sh#t but turns out it’s right there in my profile haha


Golly I didnt know peoples names were in their profiles - I like to be Anonymouse - like the ‘Horse With No Name’ (American - America - A Horse With No Name+Lyrics - YouTube)

Are you sure? “They shoot horses don’t they” (Racing Cars - They Shoot Horses Don't They - YouTube)