Giant gold nugget found in Scottish river

…and I moved here because I couldn’t find much there!


Very interesting, perhaps a nugget this size was actually found somewhere else, like the say the Shotover River, then smuggled back, and say, a new interest in gold mining in Scotland is created.


Funny, I was thinking the same.
It’s worth having a look at the comments attached to the BBC article.
Politics, the same the world over!

Great minds…and devious minds think alike…I was thinking that my largest nugget is far bigger and I was thinking…nefarious thoughts!

I wonder how much an airline ticket to Scotland might cost?

Hi Dave, Yep…I smelt a rat & also thought the same thing. Even looks like a bit of Shotover gold. :slight_smile: Be interesting if they did an assay on it & then compared that to known Scottish gold found in that location. That would let the cat out of the bag. Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

well, when u consider there is gold tax on importing gold to the UK, and you want to bring your nugget home, what better way to escape the tax, when you come to sell your ill gotten gold, is by saying you found it in Scotland, and at the same time start a mini gold rush where you can sell ur metal detectors, LOL


Drilling the gold on ether side of it you can tell where it comes from within 1 metre of the area i do know there is free gold up in the highlands of Scotland in creeks

In my experience free gold is better than buying it :wink:

kiwijw is correct in that it does look like SHotover gold. If I could get that much for my biggest I WOULD take it over and miraculously ‘find’ it. Someone once described me as a likable rogue - I am not so sure about the likable but I sure am a rogue sometimes.

Are you sure your names not Shiner Slattery, Lammerlaw?

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Have walked his beaten path many a time - I have a book here called ‘Shining With the Shiner’ By John A. Lee - John A. Lee lost an arm and won the Military Medal in WWI and became a well known author and also a Politician. He told the story of the Shiner tricking the two publicans at MacRaes Flat away back in the golden years of the swagman.
I have stood in both the pubs that those two publicans owned. Griffins one has since burnt down. I once sheltered in it as a wee fella with my grand father and dad back in the 1950s when there was a wicked thunderstorm. Stanleys Hotel still stands as it was built of stones. The stonemason took five years I think to build it and I believe he was paid in alcohol! I was at the Auction sale when the Stanley sisters sold the hotel - that was about 1964 - the spitoons still stood on the floor. My grandfather got two 1890s - 1900 bottles of Brandy - they are unopened yet!
Stanley and Griffin hated each other and one was said to keep a gun handy and the other a stock whip. Stanley’s motto was a plaster rooster and his motto “While I live I’ll crow” on the wall of the pub…its there to this day.

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The champion of anti-sweat was the Shiner. Made a life on the road swagging but avoiding work like the plague. Legend in his own time. Each time he pasted through Oamaru, the morning paper published details of his arrival and departure in the personal column.
He was always looking for the next publican t trick a drink out of but could be a gentleman to boot.
I’ve got “Shiner Slattery” be John A Lee.
PM me Lammerlaw and I lend it to you if you haven’t read it.

I am wondering if that is the book I have as I tried to find it to check the name - thanks for the offer though. Much appreciated. I thought it was called shining with the Shiner but could be wrong.
I used to help out a family who still put enough food on to cook every day ‘just in case’ someone passed by and needed a feed, a legacy from the swagman days. The first member of that family died aged 81 in 1972 and the last member of that family died aged about 94 back about 1990. They must have known him as they used to speak about him so I assume he still tramped the South Canterbury rural byways during the WWI years and maybe later. I know he died in 1927 in a benevolent institute in Dunedin

PostScript - I finally found the book and yes it is the same as yours

‘Shining with the shiner’ was a earlier book by Lee. I’m on the look out for a copy at the moment.
He was 87 when he pasted and was still on the road up until a few weeks of his death.
An ‘anti-dynamo’

I thought I had it but cant find it - when I looked it was the one above I found so now assuming I was mistaken but IF I find it I will send it. I have several of Lees books. I have stuff put in boxes and from there it all disappears into thin air. I might also have one of John A lees books called ‘Simple on a Soapbox’???

Thanks Lammerlaw.

This of course brings us back to Scottish rivers. (well Scottish water anyway)

The Shiner loved his Irish whisky to uphold the honour of Ireland, BUT if none were available, then he was more than happy to drink Scots Dewar, Walkers or Mackays etc owing to the fact he believed that Saint Patrick came to Ireland from Scotland !

Here ya go, ‘signed’ copy


I just bought for $18 a copy of shiner slattery in someones treasure shop in murchison there are also two other books by the author there