Getting back into this old hobby help please?

Hey team hope everyone is well

Over 20 years ago i used to go out and do some panning for gold on the beach near Orepuki Southland with my uncle, I have decided to get back into it with my Son now that I’m too old to play Footy anymore.
Is there anyone out there that can help me find a location in southland i can do this as it seems very top secret now lol.
I’m just a hobbyist and not looking to steal anyone’s fortune and happy to pay a small fee to have some fun with my boy.

Any ideas ?


Hi, in Southland itself there are a couple claims if you look on the Permit map, you best bet would be contact one of those claim owners, if not tbh no one is really going to mind if you are just panning a random unclaimed stream, or your other option would be one of the fossicking areas or someones claim they are willing to let you on in Otago.


Thanks for the help mate appreciate it.


Reading NZ gold related books can also be a great source of potential locations.

Here is a link to a collection of gold related books I have collected over the years some may be of help in finding potential locations Gold Books


Thank you very much i will have a read

There is some very good information among that. Thanks