Get out there and 'Go Find'

Happy days it’s arrived just in time. (Thanks Chris)
Quite excited to be taking this with me really… I was originally just going to take a pointer only to kill an hour or two. I’m sure all the family will get some enjoyment out of it and fingers crossed we might even get a few keepers along the way :blush:
It certainly is a compact unit, obvoiusly no good for bush bashing but then that’s not what it is intended for.


Glad it got there in time Iggy. Was the bag in the box with the digging trowel?


No that was a last minute Trademe job, which should help protect it.
PS thanks for the trowel, it’s perfect.

They are not only a fun wee thing. They actually perform very well for what they cost.
I just love my Go Find 60.

Oh just so they don’t get jealous I also love my Xterra 705 and my CTX3030

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Yeh cheers for that, pleased to hear your enjoying your 60. I’ve done a bit of research on them. It seems like they work pretty well in general as well as on the beaches (for the money) which is where we are heading.
I haven’t used it yet though, I had read of someone moaning about dust getting in behind the screen through the speaker holes. Solution- I’ve put a piece of tape over them as a precautionary measure, and it’s still plenty loud enough.
They certainly have some very cool features you generally just dont get at the price point of these machines… Good one Minelab.

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I heard the depth on the go finds were really good!

Hi LK, just back from giving it a good workout on the AUS beaches, and was pretty impressed with it in general (for the $). And loved the fold away compact aspect of it. I haven’t tried it out at all on park type hunts just dry and wet sand, but it did get onto numerous targets over 8 inches deep with lots and lots at the 6 inch range. I didn’t spend too long on the wet sand areas, but am guessing depth there would be around the 4 inch range for a coin, due to the need to back off the sensitivity.

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interesting… I’ve also been told you can upload different sounds to the machine. The go-find has lots of awesome new features.