Geology books nz?maps

any one interested in orriginal 1800s geology books i found these in an overseas Library very hard to get
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swap for 80 hectare gold claim with 20oz nuggets or good whiskey ? 10- 15 vols
can email put on thumb drive


I could be interested depending on terms - I sure havent got the 80ha Gold claim though!

same hear be a good read

Sounds like a great read, i have misplaced the deeds to my 20oz nugget claim though


ha thought you would have interest have to shout me the whiskey when im down visiting my son in dunedin
have found early books on waihola weatherstones as well will copy the cover of a few tell me areas your interested in all good willie

most are good show claim location yield per day and per ton
one said 500 bl overburden 1400 ounces in 1 week
copied most papers McKay govt geologist 1880
most of them 1865 -1900

most of these are 1860-1920 from government minister of mines and appointed geologist
Some Mckay 1880 show yield rock formation strata where biggist nuggets per ton overburden
the mine minister Larnark was also the the bankruptsy agents for the crown so bought quite a few claims nation wide few stories about his cunning investments

booze very good one way jetstar ticket queenstown 50 bucks in FEB ha ha

let me know what areas your keen to look at can email to u

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History of mining throught out New Zealand. I buy books and early reports where ever possible. Central Otago, West Coast and Coromandel especially.
Original copies might be worth enough whisky to completely embalm yourself if you so desire - and run the car!

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send email will send covershot of geology books to you

you have a deal send message get back to you tonight

can be worked out while working your claim and drinking the profit
like all good miners I have no information no friends found no gold and have been hopelessly lost in the nz wilderness tell me a good yarn and give me a drink we can work it out
just like barry crump in his mining days

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Sounds damn good. Go you Half’s Graeme… :cowboy_hat_face:

JW :slightly_smiling_face:

Save you giving away any whiskey :wink:


Definitely keen on a read will provide whisky if we ever meet at slab creek or luis creek