General queens birthday

Will be raining in west coast queens birthday possibly flooding so you all would be better to stay home and keep safe


Trying to keep us away from your gold?! Nah, good call - cheers :slight_smile:

The TDC has a very helpful tool that gives you almost real time of river flows in our region. Not sure about other councils? You kind of need to see what different flows look like when its marginal, if its high though its obvious; but gives you a decent idea and might save someone unnecessary traveling quite a few rivers covered…

So for the public fossicking area at the falls on the Aorere Gives prospective travelers views like this…

Go check out the long term for cast no one wants to rescue you because you went on your merry way

i never have a lot of faith in long term forecasts although regarding the coast. if its a long weekend its pretty likely at least 1 day will be rain. :grinning:

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Hi team Wife and i have had 2 days in a couple of streams. We got wet but not rained out, and as first timers we’re really happy to say we got some nice flecks. The wife ( Tee) got the biggest piece. We have so much to learn but its gonna be fun. 2 happy shovellers