Gem cutter plans to start a 'ruby rush' on the West Coast after losing everything

A West Coast master gem cutter is rebuilding his business with plans to market a unique New Zealand gemstone to the world.

Gerry Commandeur hopes to create a “ruby rush” on the West Coast attracting tourists from all over the world to fossick for New Zealand’s rarest gemstone Goodletite.

The only known source of Goodletite is in Hokitika, and Commandeur has been selling it since 1994 under the trademark New Zealand Ruby Rock.

That’s great news, I asked about it here in Perth in a shop selling all manner of crystal rock an stone. They never heard of it. I have seen it and like it so I will join the rush for a few days in December

I called into have a chat with Gerry, I feel for the guy. He has been ripped an stabbed by so many people and organisations. His shop is no longer but is open for anyone to walk in for a talk . Highly recommend doing that.