Gday all, a new spot in the middle of nowhere

I got a permission off a landholder and got a chance to swing my Garrett 400i across it for 40 mins before the drought broke in a dramatic way… Here’s what I found (not counting lead bars and pieces of brass)
I’ve only selected the good tones so far.*`

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Might have to repost picture as I can’t see it, unless you hunted in a blizzard lol


Drought broke in a dramatic way = Blizzard ???

Sorry, phone was not playing ball at the time, then was away.
They are i think a handle off a toy pistol, a pair of dividers, and my favourite, an old magnifying glass that sat on top of the subject.

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Any chance of a pic of the cleaned up ‘gun’ handle? Looks to me like the top of a cane, but if the design on it is a buffalo then…

The lens is probably (finely) threaded, and off a telescope or, more likely, binoculars. Love finds like this.

The lens looks as though it might be from a WWI era torch as some torches of that era had thick very convex bullseye glass in them, far more convex than any optical equipment as they distorted things badly. The same type of glass lens were in 19th and early 20th Century ‘Bullseye’ nip dispensers. My guess is torch then optics. The metal around the nip dispensers was really hefty.

A clean up will happen tomorrow, Just been to much enjoying lockdown jobs ive been meaning to do for the last 5 years… Has anyone else detected their own backyard over this stupid time and found treasures? i found a lead cow and a 1951 silver!(house was built 1950). Amongst a lot of biproduct…

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