Garrett Sea Hunter Mk II

I am interested in investing in a PI machine to exclusively search the wet zone @ beaches.

The Excalibur 2 model is out of my budget zone, however the Garrett Sea Hunter Mk II is affordable.

Does any member of this forum own and use a Garrett Sea Hunter Mk II and would be willing to offer their insights about this machine?

In advance, thanks for your time and advice.


Bumping this was going to buy a 17inch coil for smidge more depth on the ctx. Wondering if a PI machine might be better option.
Thinking of places like the 3p spot a dirt spot where over a few years now I have dug up everything but I still know there’s deeper stuff the Ctx can’t reach and detecting those huge clean east coast beaches with the deep soft sand…
Any feedback on the sea hunter gratefully considered

Can only speak for the SeaHunter XS500 (The Mk1).

Heavy, bulky, discrimination is non-existant. Sucks every last bit of broken hairclip and rusty remnant of wire. You would need a) a spot with a reasonable return for the number of holes you’re going to dig, and b) a lot of patience.

Depth was alright, although the much smaller conical footprint sort of negated it.

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