Garrett Pro Pointer upgrade-replacement options

Hi all, my trusty Garrett Pro Pointer (four years young) is about to die. It’s been acting pretty oddly for a while, and played up big time on tonight’s hunt.
Lots of erratic falsing, not turning on at times, constantly beeping when no target (or metal) nearby etc. New batteries and it has been sleeping in the hwc for a week.
I have got a Deteknix Diver model. Good for water hunts but it’s a little lacking in sensitivity, for my liking and it has an annoying habit of taking forever to auto tune -turn on, but only sometimes, I have tried your trick MW of holding it to the ground as you turn it on but it didn’t seem to help it.
I know the non waterproof Deteknix models are supposed to be pretty good. Just watched a review on a Nokta with seems good also.

Any thoughts on what would be a good replacement?(for land based hunts) maybe another Garrett but change can be as good as a holiday too.


Switch on in air, then touch to ground.

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Ok my bad I will try that trick again thanks

I bought a Detektnix instead of a Garret a while back after reviewing on youtube. It has slightly better sensitivity to smaller gold although not sure if you can get them in NZ


Minelab Pro Find 25 is a great detector, but they are costly. Easy enough to waterproof.
I got 20cm range out of mine.

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Hi iggy,yes well I have been pondering this question as well,my garrett pro pointer 5 years young,is rather eratic from time to time,falsing,sounding off for no reason,and wont auto tune sometimes.I give it a good wack on the ground and strangely this seems to fix it ,well, for a while anyway,seems to be a common problem with the pro looking for a reliable replacement as well.the minelab pointer looks and performs well,but will hold of for a while until I read somemore good feedback.
any thoughts out there anyone?

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Hi Beep I had a close look at mine the other day and noticed it was extremely worn on one edge of the tip as expected. Don’t know if this would contribute to the falsing or not but I have built it partially back up with ‘Plasti Dip’ to see if it improves it.
I checked out a review on the newer AT Garrett pointer (orange one) which is also water proof, it looks to be quite good, but we will see.