Garrett Axiom gold detector

Just been told about the new Garrett Axiom gold detector. Looks very much like they’re trying to have an equivalent of the Minelab GPX 6000.

The only advantage I can possibly see over the GPX 6000 is its ground balance window where it can both balance out ground mineralisation and hot rocks. Not sure how easy that feature is to use though, whether it’s automatic or a manual process. The GPX 6000 reviews do say that it does pick up more hot rocks.

I imagine the GPX 6000 will always have a greater range of coils available though due to 3rd parties like Coiltek.


9k retail you would have to be very sold on the concept of the machine to be committing yourself to that kind of spend

You can get them for under $4000 US at kellyco, again we just get ripped as soon as something comes to NZ

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