Garrett AT Gold for sale, or swap for a Gold Bug 2

Howdy… I have a Garrett AT Gold, very little use / works great… also have a smaller more sensitive Garret coil for it, as well as the standard one it comes with.

this is the totally waterproof model.

I originally got it for relic / treasure detecting, which it seems to be designed very well for, even though its called the AT Gold, however i’m now more interested in just pure gold detecting and would like to get a Gold Bug ideally, so instead of selling mine and looking for Gold Bug new or second hand i’d be pretty keen on a swap of some sort if anyone is interested in talking more about that.

feel free to message me or even better just give me a ring…

Matt 021 072 6579

hi matty
just wondering if you had any luck with swap.i have a gb2 hardly used and would be keen to swap .I am more interested in relic hunting at present…if you have already done swap kindly disregard this email

Hi ya John, yep i’ve still got my AT, was going to throw it on Trademe over the next couple of days actually - could be superkeen on a swap though for sure!.. Can you tell me a little about the GB2?.. how old is it?.. what coil it has? … is the coil the original that it was bought with? (because i heard that maybe if the coils are swapped it may not work so well)…
*My AT has had little use… i was originally tossing up between the AT & the GB2 when i got it, but am a little more into straight gold hunting now… the AT ounds great for what you want to do with it… I bought the AT brand new from the states via a large online (not Ebay) seller so its legit as… the only thing ‘wrong’ with it is the arm rest is broken, i never bothered to replace it or glue it back together (it think i still have the broken off bit somewhere) because my arm rested in it still no worries… other than that it has had little use really (couple of dozen times) and is in perfect working order…

keep me posted

PS… feel free to give me a ring anytime 021 072 6579 or home ph, which is better as we have bugger all reception here : 03 970 9951

hi matt
the GB2 is about 5 years old brought it off the Auckland distributor for fisher detectors…has the 6 inch factory coil. ive used it a few times but its in mint condition…reason for trade is I have very little experience with detectors and the goldbug does take a bit of getting used to. ive used it on the arrow a few times but its so sensitive I found it hard to tell the diff between hot rocks.and gold.i understand that with patience and practice its a cool piece of kit…digging holes and sluicing is probably better for my blood pressure…still keen on a suitable relic hunter tho and the garrett sounds great…I live in bluff so im sure we can sort something…ill give you a ring in a couple of days
cheers John

hey that sounds all good John… i actually get down to Bluff quite a bit as well scratching around for ambergris, a little gold & and other missions - i usually stay at my whitebait stand on the Mataura River but also kick around Blufftopia with a few of the locals as well… anyway, i’m actually fixin’ to head southwards around the first week of May / in a coupla weeks and was planning to get deep south to rustle some oysters and fix up the stand for a bit as well… so defo touch base some time and maybe we can catch up down there and complete the swap once we’ve sorted out any finer details?.. sweet runner, Matt

sounds like a plan matt…2128240 landline and we will sort a time .
cheers john