Garage Sale find - Chopstick holders!

Spent my sole spendable find ($2) from todays daisy cutting session, at a garage sale on the way home.
Set of high end porcelain hashioki in a tatty ‘gold leaf’ box - not “Chinese Toys” as per the sticky label :laughing:

Another bit of eclectic for the ever expanding collection of random


Is that Lammerlaw in the middle MW?

Cant be - not dark enough - Has got the Japanese look that I have when I have my glasses off and as blind as a bat but no not dark enough…besides hes not holding a gun in one hand, a detector in the other and hasnt got a naked woman with a supercilious smile draped over his shoulder!
Good find for two dollars - gotta LOVE Garage sales - I had a keyring which said ‘This car stops at garage Sales’ - the person who gave it to me knew me well!