Gabriels Gully what you think?

Is that alright for 3 hours of sluicing at Gabriels Gully 0.3 g only…?


For there you have done well. Great going.

Thanks :slight_smile: thats then Not so bad for this Location hmm i might spend a Full Day down there was quite suprised with the two bigger pieces.

I be very pleased with that result from Gabriels Gully, well done.

A few nice chunkier bits in there! Did better than me when I visited the spot :wink:

Thanks was really hoping for more but thats OK possible will Go Back for a Full Day :wink: …Heavy Pans !


Mate two weeks ten fossicking areas a detector, sluice, and pans and you got 100 time’s more than me

Sorry to hear Pilbara, …might Look somewhere far in the Bush upstream and try your Luck :wink:

I reckon that’s bloody awesome for Gabriels Gully. Well done.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

The motherload for that creek. great.

Thanks a Lot …there mustt be more bigger pieces might go again in the next Weeks and give it another try :slight_smile:

Cheers Mate i Wish to gut a motherload one Day :thinking::sunglasses:

If someone want to Join a Day in Gabriels Gully let me know would be great with some company !! :grin:

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give me a contact live in mosgiel, but keen to travel and give it a go