Gabriels Gully needs some attention

Hi, does anyone know if there are plans to tidy up GG? it was quite sad to see the mess this has become due to man, animal and neglect.

I was in there a few months back didn’t notice anything aside from the gully track is still a mess from last year or the year before that I forget there was a big storm blew a lot of trees down or are you talking more around where the sluicing took place ?

this was our first time there, we visited last week shortly after some well fed cows had been there. Lots of trees there yes and lots of evidence of where people had dug out significant amounts of dirt. What is the etiquette around human impact ie do you try and go lightly in such areas or is it just free for all with digging holes and moving on?

You should fill holes, but most don’t especially if they plan on coming back the next weekend.
So yeah, the answer is you are supposed to, but most people, rightly or wrongly don’t … I certainly have no intention of cleaning up after anyone else so I don’t let it bother me, around the public areas I have been to the first decent rain tends to cover most things up anyway.

I’m not speaking for Gabriels specifically though, having never been there myself.