FYI Identify Alloys

Nickel Silver aka German Silver
60% Copper, 20% Nickel, 20% Zinc
Not a drop of Silver (picture below)

Argentium Silver
Its a type of Sterling but with a small amount of Germanium. This significantly reduces tarnishing, the transparent oxide layer can be worn off but quickly repairs. So to test you can sand then test for silver as normal.


Two Nickel Silver pieces that I have identified.
When scrapping this 1940’s light fitting, I literally thought it was silver plated.
to identify apply some salt water, the copper will show up as green flecks.

This is a vace that has been carved into the polished surface.
In the very centre of this picture is a shiny spot where I filed it. The shiny finish returns, quite surprising how good it comes up - with just a regular metal file.

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