Future comp or a bit of fun

I was thinking along the lines of a treasure hunt over a day or weekend a list of day 10 objects ie a key certain coins and of course a sinker

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And a toy car…

How about a key or cutlery?

Hmmmm well i think i can usually manage a nail or tech-screw or two. Hairclips and safetypins usually seem to infest most places. Pull-tabs and aluminium foil. Does anyone else sometimes find hot rocks?

Prettiest hot rock perhaps?

Heya GP… your a great story teller. You might have a real chance of taking home a Go Find if you get pen to paper… hint hint and to the rest of the community.
I realise this latest comp is a bit of a long one and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.
After this one is finished I will go back to the shorter ten day format and see how the next couple pan out BUT unless there is some more participation I can see the competitions being put on ice for a while :cry:

Yeah, would be a good idea to space them out a bit.
Wish I’d have got in for that December one. I did a detect just before it started - only go sinkers, and have misplaced them somewhere. I’ve been pretty busy lately, it can be tough to get out and stuck into the mud.
Also got a spoon (from another waste of time farm detect) which was ironic - everyone finding spoons around the same time!

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