Fun with Pennies at 1000°C!

Dug a few pennies and half pennies off the beach on the weekend that were totally trashed by dreaded green fluff.
I know there’s a fairly rough way of killing it (at the expense of the coins appearance) by heating them in the oven.

Well, I was at work, was curious, and didn’t have an oven.

I do, however, have a kiln. I’ll stick them in there and just pull them out once they’ve hit the 200° mark.
Long story short, I got distracted, forgot about them and went home.

Came in this morning, saw the kiln had completed the cycle and after a bit of trepidation I opened the door…
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you - buggered bronzes :sweat_smile:
You too can do this to your collection by heating gently to 1088°C for two hours.

Well, it killed the fungus!!!


Should brazed in olive oil for 3hrs

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Yes I agree, they are buggered, good job!!

PS, this also works on Iphones :slight_smile:

This process is definitely more fun with pre-buggered items though but I’ll make an exception for your IPhone. Send it through :wink:

Also accepting sovereigns for testing to destruction

Im fairlie sure that the two hours at 1088C will work as an embuggerment process for a wi-eyed range of found objects, as well as many unfound ones.
You can quote me on that… should the urge to do so strike you suddenly one dark day.