Fun on the west coast

Hello all been a member since 2019 love reading stories on here. Just wanted to share my.
I’m from the north island Hamilton.
My famliy came to the south island last year Waitaha valley West Coast for my mother in-laws birthday got hooked on that yellow fever thing. Found a speck of color in Ross. This year my wife and I came back for her aunt’s memorial. In this time I spent 8hrs panning and found a bit more then my first time. Brought another pan and sniffer bottle as well. Love the south island. Not sure how to post photos but hopefully you can see theses.


You had better get a passport and visa and apply for immigration status and move down here permanently I think if you love the gold fossicking!

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Haha I’m keen as hell. Just to enjoy the history and the lifestyle of the south have meet some cool people down here.
Heading back to the north today. I know I’ll be back. Will post when I plan to come back.
Take care every one :sunglasses::+1:


Welcome on board. There is no turning back once ya got da FEVER !!! Good luck out there.

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I’m from the Thames Coast and would be keen to catch up some time for a fossick when we get back. Born and bred in Hamilton… but alas my heart is in the Mainland

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Hey man yeah that sounds good to me was thinking of heading over to Dickey Flat Campsite doc ground for a look we were there last summer swimming and found alot of Quartz there maybe just maybe find some color too. Be cool if that place was a free fossicking area to.

No turning back mate gonna love it :sunglasses::+1:

The sickness is real :moneybag::yellow_heart: