Frozen road Gold

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Metal Detecting Frozen Bedrock in the middle of the road in the heart of the California Motherlode.
Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe’s ) are in search of bedrock outcroppings in the area of old Gold Rush workings.
The Fortyniners worked this area during the California Gold Rush lets see what they missed !!!

Please Remember to always fill in your holes after digging

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Does detecting in the cold improve gold targets found? I know in Oz they often detect at night as the ground is cooler and quieter.

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Hi Gavin, I can totally confirm that night detecting is the best conditions. Ground cooler & less reactive, less EMI & no solar influence. Yes the sun can play havoc when at its zenith. At night with a PI detector everything runs just that much quieter & smoother. Your mental ground balance is at a better place too :laughing: I also like it when the ground is wet/damp. Seems to enhance depth & sensitivity. The only downside to winter & frozen ground is digging the bloody stuff. As you would have seen in this video clip. We get that here in Central Otago. We are lucky with our mild ground as I think the wet can make noisy ground noisier. Not so much for us.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


No excuses not to go out gold detecting in winter now! Though digging the targets out doesn’t sound much fun!!


winter digging is ok as long as the ground isnt frozen !!!