Four Gold with the CTX

Last couple of hunts, all 14k total 13.1 gr. All with the CTX. Ran Andy’s Beach and Jay’s Gold in the trash.



nice gold.keep on swinging.

Hi Clive

Any new books on the horizon? I need a fix.


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Those are all my best, Musket, save for “Lessons from the Pros”. and “site Reading”. Glad you have the new one–like to think it kind of “brings it all together.” Having the opportunity to hunt with a guy like Roland–you can’t help but learn a few things. I appreciate your note in that I’ve an outline for a new one
on the CTX but can’t decide if anyone would want it. So one has sold! Thanks and good luck at the shore.

PS don’t forget “The Gold Jewelry Hunter’s Handbook” that one came out quite well too.
Good Luck, clive

Thanks Clive,

Will email you and may get the two mentioned books sent out together. Look forward to the next CTX one also. Love the CTX but it is now confined to the shallow and beach with the modified Excal 11 doing the deep water work.

Also thanks for taking time out from the other side of the world to contribute to the Paydirt forum down here in Kiwi Land. Keep them coming.


The sites book is a basic rundown on understanding shorelines- for one thing. At a certain point I recognised how much time I was wasting working overburden ground. I discovered a few ways to avoid this by looking at the underwater sand contours and their relation to the overall grade. My finds really took off when I learned this. That’s what at the back of the Gold Jewelry Hunters Handbook. –
You definitely have some good info there to digest–whenever you are ready for more–its’ there.
Good Luck Detecting,
clive james clynick