Found up the Arrow

found this up the Arrow couple weeks back was deep in the gravel thinking its an old button?


Sure is an old button. A pretty common type of button from the old days but still an interesting relic with a story from the past - sort of like me except I am a liability and its not!


Probably from an old timers shirt…ripped open in the throws of gold fever.


was cool find for sure had me wondering its story maby a drunken scuffle over a claim?


Yep, old button for sure. I have found many old buttons detecting over the years. Some two hole some 4 hole. Some very plain & some with quite elaborate pattens on them. One I found had a makers name on it & when I looked it up on google it was a moleskin jean manufacturer from Ballarat Victoria. Last made in 1859. So quite possibly an Aussie miner who came over to the Central Otago gold rush from the Victorian diggings that would have been petering out by then. Or a merchant that got stock from Victoria to Otago. Either way it was most likely a goldminer that lost the button considering where I found it. I bet many a fly button popped off when the miner went to go for a piss. :joy: Before the days of zips.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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