Fossicking for fun

Hi there, we are interested in doing some Gold Panning or Sluicing around the South Island.
We live in Ashburton and have a Bus to get away in.
My Wife has had a Stroke so is only me that will be doing it.
After someone that maybe have a Claim that would let me do some Panning or Sluicing even for a %.
Went to Goldsborough many years ago and have always wanted to do some more looking for Gold.
Any help would be appreciated

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You could go stay at danseys pass camp ground an they let ya pan for gold on there claim relatively close for yas .

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Danseys is a good option yep! I don’t know any claims other then the fossicking areas, but you would be suprised the days you can get sluicing and the nuggets there still are in the fossicking areas.

I would recommend Slab Hutt or Goldsborough for starters for sluicing and panning, or Moonlight creek or Lyell creek for crevicing, sniping or detecting.