Fossicking Areas

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First of all, this website is awesome.

I would like to ask you all in regards to Fossicking Areas.

Can I legally use metal detector on Fossicking Areas?


I think he signs exclude any “motorised” equipment so I’d say you’d be fine with a metal detector. I’ve used mine quite a lot in the public fossicking areas.

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Thank you for your reply. Also I am looking to buy a new detector and I am still deciding between Minelab Goldmonster 1000 and Equinox 800 and I would appreciate any opinion of these 2 which one is better in your opinion?

Yes, Sweet as using a detector in public fossicking areas.

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I am looking to buy new detector and I am deciding between Gold monster 1000 and Equinox 800. Any opinions which one would be better for gold nuggets?

I have both & in all honesty it is hard to pick the two apart. The Gold Monster is an easier learning curve & comes with two coils. The Nox 800 comes standard with an 11" coil. But that coil is still deadly on shallow tiny gold.

With the 6" coil it gets into tighter spots better but this coil is an extra cost.

Crazy small though

The Nox 800 gives you the option of a great detector for both native gold & coin & relic detecting. Often dual purpose detectors excell way better at one form of detecting over the other, but the Nox 800 does both very well. Because of this it does have a bit of a learning curve if you are new to detecting.

The GM 1000 on the other hand is deadly on small/tiny shallow gold but much easier to learn.

This was one of my first times out with it with the 10x5 coil

Pretty small gold

Then the little 5" coil

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That’s great, thanks for the photos and explanation!!! Really appreciate it :+1:

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No worries. You are welcome.

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