Fossicking areas in Nth Island

Plenty of areas in a south island but what about Nth ialnd. I understand there is a place behind Thames in the Kauaranga Valley, but any other public areas. I’m very new (never been out yet) but realistically would I have any chance of finding gold??

There are no legal fossicking sites in the north island all the one’s in the south island have been flogged in saying that you can win a bit on the arrow if you have a sluice box and a good back look up mindat nz or just Google fossicking areas

There are not actually plenty of fossicking areas in the South Island at all. Under the old Miners Right which was dispensed with in 1976 you could look in any streams with a pan but that’s all gone now and you are restricted to 18 small areas meaning that some people with gold on the doorstep have to travel fifty miles to pan less than they would on the doorstep.
No I am not moaning- just quizzically amused that we all let the government suppress our rights.