Forest & Bird Becoming Fundamentalists

Almost 8000 square kilometres of land across Nelson and Marlborough has been reopened for mining prospect offers.

Its just a pan.
If someone dug a stope it would be a good place for native bats to roost. Really depends on how intensive the mining activities are, cleanup these days is pretty good.


Bats prefer to roost in pinus radiata than most indigenous species. They are also highly mobile fauna and do not often revisit the same spot. that makes it hard to draft sensible rules to accomodate bats.

F&B are getting more and more motivated. They are getting wins in the courts which is gaining new memebers. they are empowered. DoC is also looking to become more advocate orientated with the intention to emply close to 200 new staff I understand

Bloody tree hugging greeny activists and PC fun police want us all sitting at home watching nature doco’s not out enjoying our own country and the opportunities to hunt fish and detect then we won’t notice all that 1080 they are dumping everywhere grrrrr:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hobbiest Goldminers should not be perceived as a problem, as our impact is very low, this being said, everyone should do there bit to ensure that complaints arent justifiable, eg, keep your campsites tidy, fill in you holes etc.