FOR SALE, Gold rat high banker complete setup (inc pump) $1000

FOR SALE; 12" wide Gold Rat highbanker setup, with hoses and self priming chinese honda clone pump, top of the range gold hog mats.

Located in Blenheim, going back overseas and I find more gold per day detecting in this area … would clean up on the right ground, very fast processing banker able to support two blokes going hard with shovels, plenty of off the shelf upgrades for these out of australia to customise this model of highbanker to suit the ground you are working (bigger hoppers, flared trays)

$1̶2̶0̶0̶ $1000 for everything but always open to negotiation for cash or clean gold, absolutely no swaps
you’re going to want to pick up as its bulky (pump alone is 25kg), but could arrange to get it to Nelson.

Flick me a PM

Price drop, $1100 … pretty sweet deal, i’ll even through in a shovel and a jerry can and you can be making gold to pay it all off straight away.

Price drop, $1000 for everything you need to mine