For Deep Stream (Taieri catchment) claim holders

I had the (mis)fortune of having a few beers with some blokes in the weekend and three of them were planning a poaching trip into Deep Stream in the Taieri catchment. They intended on dropping all their gear off by helicopter and working someone elses claim for a few weeks without approval. They have been in already testing.

Thats all I know, but I sat back in the group and didnt acknowldge I love gold or know anything about what they were talking about.

So keep an eye out for these turds on your claim…


Hi Mangrove, what you’ve raised has no affect on me, but well done on having the courage to warn claim holders. Hope it don’t ruin any friendships! But on the other hand, not the kind of mates you probably really don’t want.

Again hoping myself in the next week or two to head out to Slab Hut Creek, I also approached a claim owner, though unsuccesful, they where very appreciative of the curtosy of my asking.

Take care, Ben.


Thanks for the info. kI am attempting to get in touch with some relevant claim holders and warn them right now.

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message noted!!!

A idea for those of you who are on here that have the claims up there. Or anywhere gear needs to be flown in could be go and see the local chopper pilots and let them know you have claims in what ever areas and no one is to be flown in there with out your say so if they have mining gear. Might stop a wee few.


when you now the local companies it was an easy ask.

Did you catch any names. And thanks for the heads up .

Does anyone have any contact details for the current claim owners looking to get ahold of em t.i.a.

What part of Deep Stream you talking of? Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Also, there are so many deep streams…

Taieri catchment narrows it down a fair bit.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Ummm not in the Taieri catchment there arent!
In Taieri catchment there is Deep Creek and also one in Waipori catchment.

top job mate looks like a bit of that been going on.