For all you Aucklanders

On tv3 right now is ‘the nation’ a really good article on the north head army defenses, interesting place…

Would have loved to have seen it - I have been there a few times and always expect to see something new every time. They wouldnot let me take away the large Armstrong Disappearing Gun - why call it a Disappearing Gun when I cant make it disappear - hypocrisy!

Really interesting place and i note that the rumour that there are hidden tunnels which was long denied might now be a fact.

A cobber of mine’s father served during WWII on the northern most of the two gun batteries facing Rangitoto. I believe that the two guns from H.M.S. New Zealand which are now mounted outside the War Memorial Museum had been remounted during the war at those batteries. I did not see the documentary so some one might be able to confirm or deny the truth of what I have written.